Creestaa Elevators Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is created from the union of specialized companies and experts in the field of elevator production and maintenance. The market has a need for the constant research into new solutions of vertical conveyance; from elevator systems to lifting platforms, to overcome architectural barriers and to provide solutions for residential, commercial and industrial establishments with special and customized elevators and stair lifts. We supply products and components, including elevator and lifting platform cars, which are self-supporting and clad with steel or aluminum plates. Many different and customized finishes are available to meet customer requirements. Automatic Landing and car doors, selfsupporting metal structures both for interior and exterior applications in aluminum or iron, with inbuilt resistance to corrosion in difficult or coastal environments.

A continuous dialogue between project design and production together with high degrees of quality are the prerequisite for constant improvements in the final product.

Committing to the project means offering you the best QUALITY. So, just step in to believe it.